DYC X HELLO KITTY -Badge roping

與三麗鷗聯手設計,首創全新HELLO KITTY圖像,以看似無限條交織線條組成,其實是拉遠的城市街道圖所組成的都會叢林縮影,並突破以往大眾對於KITTY較粉色可愛感的刻板印象,改以簡約並帶有質感的黑白為主色調。


DYC insist that all goods are hand-made by taiwanese masters and make sure all clothes can pass down the warm of local TAIWAN.

GENTLEMAN'S SOUL -在這次聯名系列中所謂的紳士魂,就是讓你的生活中帶點帥酷、態度與好奇心。當然,這一切都是因為你內心保有 HELLO KITTY的影子,所以不只讓你活的優雅更充滿樂趣。
Live your life with a little cool, style and interesting. a gentleman should always place a part for HELLO KITTY in his mind. not only make your life elegant but much fun .

Yes, this is my second life.


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